What is the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA)?

The DSA provides financial help to students studying in Higher Education who have a diagnosed disability, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty (SpLd). The DSA funds different kinds of support which is administered by Student Finance England (or Wales or Scotland), the NHS, the Open University or a research council.

What does the DSA fund ?

You will receive support to assist you with your studies. This may include: specialist equipment such as help towards a computer, a printer, software and ergonomic aids; Non-Medical helper support such as a Study Skills tutor, or Mentor; a general allowance for consumables, such as books and printer ink.

How do I arrange my support workers (AT Training and Non-Medical Help)?

Once you have completed a needs assessment at an approved assessment centre, the assessor will send your Needs Assessment Report (NAR) to Student Finance and your college Disability Advisor. Once Student Finance have approved your support, they will write to you outlining who your equipment, software and Non-Medical Helper support will be provided by. This will be in the form of a DSA2 letter. If Daisy Training are listed as the provider of non-medical helper support, then please contact us. We will allocate you to an AT Trainer and /or Non-Medical Help support worker who will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

The DSA Process

Step 1: Apply for DSA funding

You – Indicate on your UCAS Application form, or send a DSA1 form to Student Finance England (SFE), including evidence of your disability

SFE – Student Finance England will contact you with details of how you arrange a needs assessment at a local assessment centre.

Step 2: The Needs Assessment

You – Choose an assessment centre from the list supplied and make an appointment with an assessor

Assessor – They will assess you and send a report to Student Finance England

SFE – Student Finance England will review the report and recommend your support

Step 3: Arranging your support

SFE – Will write to you in the form of a DSA2 letter outlining who will provide your support

You – Contact the providers listed in the letter. Contact Daisy Training if we are listed as the provider of your Non-Medical Helper support, such as Study Skills, or AT Training.

To discuss your DSA support with us, or leave any feedback about your support please email or contact us. On this page there is a form for leaving feedback or asking a query. If you wish to leave feedback and do not want to identify yourself, you can leave anonymous feedback. To do so, please enter Anonymous in the Student name field and in the email field. For all other feedback and queries if you are happy to give your name and email so that we can get back to you, please do so.

Details of our privacy policy and complaints procedure for students can be found here:
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